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Human or not human: that is the question

I find it difficult to put into words how I feel watching the news reports regarding the current debates in Spain on abortion. I feel the same kind of anger and disgust as I do when I hear reports about so-called “paedophiles” (I don’t like this term, since they are not “lovers of children”, as suggested by the etymology of the word) violating young infants.

Today, the news showed a protest with people demanding the right to abort up until 24 weeks of pregnancy. According to the Wikipedia, the most premature birth ever was James Elgin Gill, born after just 21 weeks and five days of pregnancy. Would the people campaigning for open abortion up until 24 weeks of pregnancy say that James Elgin Gill was not a child when he was born? Was he still just a foetus? If they had seen him in the hospital, in the incubator, would they have said to the mother, “your foetus is so cute”? I think not.

Yet these people want it to be legal to kill babies at this stage of pregnancy. I find it sickening. Everybody talks about the right of the woman to decide, but I hear nothing of the right of the child, which surely is more important. Nor, for that matter, is there any talk of the right of the father: if somebody were able to kill my child without my permission, I would be absolutely devastated.

I know there will be people reading this who completely disagree with me. If you are one of these, and you decide to leave a comment, I would ask you to answer the following questions.

  • Would you agree that, given that babies born after 22 weeks of pregnancy can survive, it would be wrong to allow abortion on demand up to 24 weeks?
  • If so, where should the limit be? On what basis should we set that limit? How can we decide, in an non-arbitrary way, what the limit should be?

3 thoughts on “Human or not human: that is the question

  1. What if you were raped? How traumatic would it be to carry a rapists child, go through nine months of pregnancy, live with it for the rest of your life whether you give it up for adoption or not,(not everone is strong enough or capable to do this and I can’t say I blame them). Why dont you ask a woman who has been raped before making that decision for her, I think it’s disgusting that you impose what you think is right on another person and anothers person body, you’re taking away their right to chose,(to keep it or not-depending on the the individual’s feelings and state of mind), for themselves because you can’t handle it,it’s wrong to take away somone’s right to chose for themselves just because of what you think. Some people are not strong enough to have a handicapped child or even the money,(full-time care),bottom line is it’s not your decision to make pal. How would you like it if someone came along and took away your right to make your own decisions, what are you not capable of making an informed decision because that’s exactly what your saying and frankly i find it insulting arrogant and down right bigoted.

  2. Your a 15 year old girl who’s been raped too scared to tell anyone til it’sobvious. You find out your child is handciapped which the doctors have missed or it hasn’t shown til its late in the pregnacy,it does happen

  3. aa: Where would you set the limit? That is my question. Is it OK to abort right up to birth if the child is handicapped?

    Your arguments are interesting, but assuming you do not agree with infanticide, that doesn’t change the fact that one must decide at what point a foetus becomes human.

    Why is it not my decision to make if the child is mine?

    Regarding your second example, yes, it does happen, and I think the law should allow for such circumstances. But how many of the thousands of abortions that occur each year in most countries are performed on raped 15-year-old girls who are pregnant with handicapped children?

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