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Solved: how to import Termcat terminology

You can now download an importable version of the glossary from here.

Termcat have made some of their terminology available here. The problem is, it is all in XML format, which is not easy to import into terminology databases. I’ve finally found how to import it.

In this file you can see how I’ve done it for the snowboarding glossary. Look first at sheet 1. Columns A to G are part of the original Termcat xml files when you open them up in Excel. The other columns have been created by me to get the data in a useful format. You can copy the other databases into this template, though don’t forget to fill down with columns H onwards if the list is longer. The quickest way is to use file merging software to merge them all into a single file, then open that single file and copy it into the template.

To get Sheet2 as you see it now, you have to do the following:

  • Select columns P to AV from row 1 right down to the bottom
  • Press CTRL + C
  • Open up a new worksheet and select cell A1
  • Go to the Edit menu and select Paste Special
  • Select “Values” and press enter
  • Select the whole sheet by clicking in the square in the top-left, between the column heading A and row 1 (or by using the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + A in English; CTRL + E in Spanish))
  • Go to the Data menu, and click “sort” (ES: “ordenar”)
  • Click the “Yes” option at the bottom of the box, since our data has headings
  • In the “Order by” box, select “Keep” from the drop-down list, and select descending order
  • Click OK

You may now want to select all the “Yes” rows (which are all grouped together) and copy them into a new file, which you can then import into your database.

Hope you find it useful. I’m going to be busy this week. If somebody could send me a file with all the terminology, that would be great!


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