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Foxit, a faster pdf reader

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Sick of your browser crashing when you try to open or close a pdf file? Well, the first thing I recommend you should do is set up your browser so that pdf files open in your default pdf reader. In Firefox, this can be done by going to Tools>Options>Content>File Types_Manage. Type pdf in the search box, then click Change Action and click “Open them with the default application”.

Most of you – Windows users at least – will have Adobe Acrobat Reader as your default application. Today, I came across Foxit, an alternative reader that opens up so much faster. Any translators still using Adobe Acrobat Reader in Windows should definitely give this a try, as I’m sure, like me, you’re often opening up pdf files. Once you install it and open it you’ll be asked if you want to make it the default reader. Say yes, and then all your pdfs will open in Foxit by default, including links on the internet if you followed the steps in the previous paragraph.

Added at 2007-02-25 01:08

It would seem that the search function does not always work correctly in Foxit, which is a bit of a pain for translators, so make sure you keep Adobe installed as well.


2 thoughts on “Foxit, a faster pdf reader

  1. Yep – this kind of thing’s been around on the Mac by default for years, and it’s much much better. Preview in Mac OS X is the fastest PDF reader in the world.

    Only warning I’d give is typically this type of thing doesn’t support the latest PDF standards, meaning that if the document downloaded is something particularly complex – such as an interactive PDF application form – it won’t work properly. You’d still have to use Acrobat to use it. They aren’t too commonplace though, so 99.9% of the time this will never be an issue.

  2. Thanks Mike. I decided to keep Adobe installed precisely for this reason. Quite a few of my tax forms are fill-in-a-pdf jobs, and the last thing I want is to have to download Acrobat when I’m finishing off my tax forms with half an hour until the deadline.

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