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The importance of having your mobile…

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I left my mobile charger at my parents’ house at Christmas. No problem, I thought, as I’ll see them at Easter and until then I can just keep borrowing my flatmate’s charger. But yesterday he went off to Mallorca for a week, I forgot to charge it before he went, and I had no power left.

I got home to find a Skype message offering me a 60,000-word translation job. Of course, she had tried phoning me on my mobile before sending me the Skype message. I phoned her back, but since the Skype message had been sent several hours earlier, it was no surprise to hear that she’d assigned it to someone else. So, by not having my mobile with me, I quite possibly missed out on a contract worth several thousand euros. Now there’s a lesson to be learnt.
Nevermind. I probably wouldn’t have had time anyway. Right, better go and buy a mobile charger…


One thought on “The importance of having your mobile…

  1. Just catching up with your blog, Tim. I always try to buy the same make of mobile each time I replace one, that way I have built up a collection of chargers, one for upstairs, one for the office and I even have a car charger. I have just replaced my mobile and, blow me, if they haven’t changed the hole and made it smaller!! At least they had the decency to include an adapter which will at least make the car charger serviceable.

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