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Translation services for the London 2017 World Athletics Championships

In 2017 London will play host to the one of the biggest events on the sporting calendar. Just five years after the magnificent London 2012 Olympic Games, the world of track and field will return to the Olympic Stadium for the 2017 IAAF World Athletics Championships.

The event will bring thousands of visitors from continental Europe and the rest of the world during the event. Is your business ready to make the most of the opportunity?

One of the many things local businesses can do to make the visitors feel at home is to speak their language. There are many ways you can achieve this. Some may simply want to write a welcome sign in various languages. But others may want to go a step further, translating restaurant menus, websites and leaflets or shop signs into different languages.

Translate your website

A French person searching for “hotels” and “Londres” (the French word for London) is likely to land on the website of Novotel, because unlike other hotels it has a webpage in French about its hotels in London. Most people perform their online searches in their mother tongue, even if they speak English, so having your website in their language will vastly increase the possibility thay they'll stay at your hotel, guest house, campsite or bed and breakfast.

It's not just businesses offering accommodation that can benefit. Guided tours, river cruises, theme parks, museums, shops, pubs and restaurants can all gain a competitive edge by translating some of their printed or online material into other languages such as French, Spanish and German. Guided tours and cruises can also be offered in these languages through an interpreter or audio recording.

On hand during the championships

The Manager of Anglo Premier Translations, Timothy Barton, will be on hand in London during the World Atheltics Championships to provide translation and interpreting services to local businesses or to the media covering the event.