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AutoHotkey script to move the focus away from the Concordance window

Sometimes you want to keep the MemoQ Concordance window open on your second screen while you work on your document. But there’s no built-in method to achieve this with the keyboard. You can only do so by clicking with the mouse.

This short script moves the focus away from the Concordance window and to the main MemoQ window, allowing you to work on the document while keeping the Concordance window open. Just press ctrl+k to activate the script.

#IfWinActive, Concordance
^k:: ; MemoQ: Move focus away from Concordance window
WinActivate memoQ

The following script closes the Concordance window. The hotkey works irrespective of whether the current active window is the main MemoQ window or the Concordance window.

#IfWinActive, memoQ
^!k:: ; MemoQ: Close the Concordance window when the main MemoQ window is active
#IfWinActive, memoQ
^!k:: ; MemoQ (Concordance): Close the Concordance window when the Concordance window is active (same as pressing escape)
IfWinExist Concordance


Here’s another hotkey, this time to move the focus to the source term when the termbase entry window is open (very useful when you need to edit the term you selected, such as if you want to change the plural to the singular).

SetTitleMatchMode, 2 ; This line should go at the top of the document. If using this mode messes up other hotkeys, omit the line and add "Create" on the next line.
#IfWinActive, term base entry ; The word "Create" is deliberately omitted so that it works in the "Edit term base entry" window too. If not using MemoQ in English, change this to the equivalent window name in your language.
^e:: ; MemoQ: Move the focus to the source term in the termbase entry window
Send !m!s ; If not using MemoQ in English, change these to whatever letters are underlined for the "More" button and for the "Subject" field
SendInput {Alt UP}
Send {tab 5}


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