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Quickly move windows from one screen to another

Many of you probably work with two screens. Does it also annoy you when you have to move a maximised window from one screen to another (in Windows)? First you have to minimize the window, then drag it across, then maximise it. I have compiled a small script that enables you to do this with a shortcut.

Download the following script to any folder, then run it. Now all you need to do is push Windows+1 to move a window to your left screen, and Windows+2 to move it to your right screen.

I have only tested this script on my own screen resolution and in Windows XP. Please let me know whether it has worked on your computer.

If you like it, and would like this tool to be always active, drag the icon to Programs->Startup in the Windows menu. This way, it will load automatically when you log on to your Windows account.

This script does not install on your computer. It is self-executable. So you can even save it on your pen drive and run it when you’re using other computers away from home.

Switch screens tool
Switch screens tool – version for screens with horizontal resolution greater than 1500 (try this if the first one doesn’t work)
Switch screens tool – version for screens with horizontal resolution greater than 1500, with the main screen on the right


8 thoughts on “Quickly move windows from one screen to another

  1. FIrstly, as it appears you’ve actually done this yourself, good work. Applause for looking for a solution, and for sharing it.

    However, in the days of widescreen monitors and multiple displays, I have to ask how necessary window maximising is?

    On Windows XP at work, where we use multiple web apps (and sadly still use IE6 so I have about four windows of it open at a time) I never run maximised windows. I overlap and space my items like pieces of paper on a desk – always in the same place at the same time. Far left is Mindalign, Darwin as first IE window, Nucleus as second, internet page as third, Author taking up most of second screen, everything else in overlapping IE windows or opening/closing as necessary. I can pick them out from the stack by location alone because I know the daily staples are always going to be where they are going to be.

    I tend to find the behaviour of using maximising a little bit of an unnecessary evil – there’s no regular app I use that actually requires full screen for optimum usage. As an example, few websites need more than 1024 pixels wide (my Macbook and external display have 1280 pixels wide) and you’re served better by having a smaller browser window allowing you to see other open apps behind it.

    That’s just my viewpoint, of course, and it took some habit changing. But if you’ve nothing that requires maximising to run (ie you can do so without having to scroll unnecessarily), give it a go. Windows at maximum height, but only the necessary width. At first it can feel a bit weird, but you might just love it.

  2. I have given it a try, but I found it difficult to work with.

    I should point out that the main program I use for my work has various windows within it, so I really need as much space as possible. I agree though that I probably don’t need full width for the Internet, for example.

    With regard to switching the windows from one screen to another, the main reason is because I have things set up one way for work, and another for play. When working, I have my translating program on screen one, and everything else on screen two. When at play, I have my browser on screen one, and everything else on screen two.

    Yes, it is my work. Pretty simple script (though it took me a while to work out the right commands). On my computer I also have it voice activated by saying “move to left/right screen” or “move to screen 1/2”.

  3. Tim,

    I came across your page searching for a simple app that does exactly what yours does (I think). I looked at UltraMon etc, but don’t need all the features.

    However, I can’t get yours to work. I’m working with a 1920 x 1200 primary monitor with a 1280 x 1024 secondary to its left. Your app works moving from the left screen to the right, but not back again.

    I’m happy to test a revised version for you. If not, thanks anyway,


  4. Hi,
    I can’t seem to get it to work.
    Primary: 1680×1050 (located to the right)
    Secondary: 1280×800 (located to the left)

    Both win+1 and win+2 maximize the app on the primary screen, regardless of origin-screen.

    When I set the primary screen to the left, the app is moved between the screens, though the logic and physical directions are oposite…

    Bottom line is that due to the maximize function (and hardcoded? secondary screen to the right) I can’t make it work in mye daily routine.

    If you at some point have the app working with relative screenpositions/relative screenresolutions I’ll be back.
    And if you’d like to adopt the Windows 7 approach, open up for the possibility to change the shortcut to win+shift+left arrow/right arrow…

    It was nice trying.

  5. Nice going, does what it is supposed to.

    Wouldn’t it be cool to have something similar but without the maximising, ie. moves the window to the other screen but keeps the size and position on the next screen?

  6. Hi Tim

    I have tried it on my Windows XP screen 1920 x 1200.

    I just works fine!!

    Just what I have been looking for.

    God Work !!!

    Best regards

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