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Translation services for 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain

In 2014, Spain will once again play host to the FIBA Basketball World Cup. Twenty-eight years after after Spain last hosted the tournament, ballers from 28 countries will compete for the Naismith Trophy. Fans will travel from across the world to enjoy a festival of basketball, as well as the beautiful Spanish summer and the delights and charms on offer in the six host cities: Barcelona, Bilbao (Barakaldo), Granada, Las Palmas, Madrid and Seville.

By August 2014 the stadia will be ready, the teams will be ready, the media will be ready. But will your business be ready to profit from the influx of foreign basketball supporters?

For the tourist industry

Various studies have shown that most Internet users search and browse the web in their own language. In addition, people in countries like Finland and Lithuania tend to be much more proficient in English than in Spanish.

So, if your website is only in Spanish, you are at a distinct disadvantage. By having your website translated into English now, you can take an early lead against your competition, making your business visible to fans, basketball associations and media organisations planning their trips to Spain for the tournament.

An English website can benefit many types of businesses, including bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, leisure activities and cultural activities. Anglo Premier Translations has years of experience translating websites for a whole range of business types.

Apart from websites, we can also offer translations of brochures, restaurant menus, shop signs, leaflets and many other documents. And we can deliver a product that is ready to print or publish in the target language, saving you time and money.

Thanks to our carefully selected team of external translators we can also provide translations into French and Portuguese to help you benefit from fans from Angola, Brazil, France and Senegal.

For the media

Many of the top players and managers today are proficient in English, but many others are not. Anglo Premier Translations can provide you with on-site interpreters, whether for interviews or press conferences, so you don’t miss out on that interview with the star player.

We will provide interpreters who are experts not only in the source and target languages, but also in the language of basketball. Interpreters who are unfamiliar with basketball can misunderstand or misinterpret what is being said, producing a translation that make little sense in the target language.

Anglo Premier Translations can also provide subtitling and dubbing services for interviews with players, coaches and officials.

For organisers

Nothing looks less professional than poorly translated official material, such as programmes and merchandise. We can ensure everything is translated accurately and naturally, portraying the best possible image to visiting fans.

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