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English editing

I edit English texts to ensure they are clear and unambiguous. If you produce content in English but you are not a native speaker, you should consider having your work edited.

This is especially true if your material will be printed. Printing off several hundred copies of a book or ordering material for an exhibition stand is expensive. Don’t make the mistake of having to pay for it a second time because the first version had an embarassing mistake. Get it edited.

Translations into English

I translate into English from French, Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese.

French-English translation

French was my first foreign language. I learned most of it during my three years in Paris, immersed in the culture. Frequent business trips to Geneva help me to maintain and improve my French skills. Read more about my French-English translation services.

Spanish-English translation

Although I was a latecomer to the Spanish language, I spent 13 years in Spain, allowing me to acquire advanced skills in the Spanish language. Thanks to my work for international institutions, I have also become familiar with a range of different types of Spanish from both sides of the Atlantic. Read more about my Spanish-English translation services.

Catalan-English translation

Alongside Spanish, I also learned Catalan. For many Catalan-English translators, Catalan is a passive language – one they understand, but do not actually use. However, I actively use Catalan whenever I communicate with a Catalan speaker, so I understand the linguistic and cultural nuances that come with the language. Read more about my Catalan-English translation services.

Portuguese-English translation

I also translate certain types of documents from Portuguese, especially to facilitate relations between Angola and Namibia. Contact me for more information.

Other languages

If you need to translate from English to one of the above languages or between any other two languages, please contact me anyway, as I may be able to find a suitable translator from among the many contacts I have made since I became a translator.