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I supply English translation and editing services to businesses, researchers, international financial institutions, sports clubs, authors and publishers, helping you to communicate in the client's language to boost sales or convey your message more clearly. I have worked for demanding clients such as the OECD for almost a decade, and they keep coming back to me because they understand that clear communication is essential.

Ask not whether you can afford to use a professional translator, but whether you can afford not to.

My specialist fields are sport (including sailing), macroeconomics and higher education. In addition to translation, I also provide editing, interpreting and localisation services.

Get in touch to discuss how my services can help you. Together, we will devise a strategy so that your business or organisation can reach new clients.

What my clients say

Many thanks for these comments and all your work on Latin American Economic Outlook. Based on my own revision of some of the text as well as feedback from my colleagues, we are very happy with your work. You have picked up on many details that had escaped our attention and you substantially improved the English which now reads much better.

We would like to thank you for your involvement, commitment and professionalism during this Jules Verne Trophy. Your skills have supported us and, with you, Spindrift racing was able to develop an innovative, high-quality communication programme.

Timothy went out of his way to enrich his sailing-specific vocubulary and knowledge whilst working on our projects. He was also readily available during the antisocial and unpredictable hours that a trans-atlantic sailing race requires, and his genuine enthusiasm for the projects meant that we really felt like he was an additional member of the communications team from the outside. I would recommend Timothy without hesitation!

Heidi Farr, former Communications Director at Spindrift Racing

Tim is effective, rapid and accurate. He even tells you mistakes he finds in the source text. Communication is always fluid and the final translation excellent. Thank you Tim!

What I value most about Timothy is the quality of his translations. All the books he has translated are of the highest quality technically and linguistically. I can be confident in assigning him any project because I know that he will carry out the necessary research and revise the text again and again until it has the necessary quality.

Neus Bas, Index Book (publishing house)

Impeccable translations and excellent communication. Tim’s work capacity and speed are amazing. He always strives to find the most appropriate words and asks me questions to understand the precise meaning so he can make sure his translation is perfect for the job at hand.

Ivan Melchor, Cool Roller

Here are the answers to your questions, which show how carefully you've read the text. Thanks a million for your thoroughness.

Dr Montserrat Bacardí, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Timothy’s work as a translator was excellent and his precision was most commendable.

Dr Martín Becerra, author of chapter 4 of
Communication and Cultural Policies in Europe