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Anglo Premier Translations

Anglo Premier Translations is a service provided by Timothy Barton, an experienced professional translator of texts from Spanish, Catalan and French to English.

I supply ready-to-publish, fully proofed and revised translations tailored to my clients' needs. I have the necessary expertise in the source languages to understand the nuances of my clients' texts, and the skill and craftsmanship in the target language to deliver a message with the same impact to your English-speaking readers.

Impeccable translations and excellent communication. Tim’s work capacity and speed are amazing. He always strives to find the most appropriate words and asks me questions to understand the precise meaning so he can make sure his translation is perfect for the job at hand.

Ivan Melchor, Cool Roller

I work with many different types of businesses, authors and organisations, but I specialise in particular in sports translations, higher education, and economics. I also provide editing, interpreting and localisation services. Please get in touch so we can discuss your translation-service needs and devise a strategy together.