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We would like to thank you for your involvement, commitment and professionalism during this Jules Verne Trophy. Your skills have supported us and, with you, Spindrift racing was able to develop an innovative, high-quality communication programme.

A sports-mad translator!

I produce good sports translations because I’m a sport fanatic, a key asset, because sports texts require just as much expertise as legal and medical documents. For instance, a non-specialist might be surprised to know that, although match ball and goal average are widely used in Spanish, they mean something very different when used in English (more info here).

A skilled sports translator is able to break away from the style and structure of the source text and produce a translation that flows, using the conventions of sports writing in the target language.

A writer

Perhaps more than in any other field of translation, sports translators must be good writers. The English texts I produce are not word-for-word translations of the source text. Instead, I carefully craft my writing to communicate the same information as the source text using the conventions and style of English sports journalists.

Sailing translations

Since 2014 I have translated reports and press releases for Spindrift racing, including during their Jules Verne Trophy record attempt, giving the team and its sponsors exposure to a wider audience. For more information on my sailing expertise, click here.

Other events

I have translated texts for events such as the Meeting Gaz de France in athletics (track & field), the World Handball Championships and the Special Olympics.

I have also translated golf brochures and Renault F1’s in-house magazine.

Contact me for upcoming events

For major international sports events I offer translation and interpreting services to participants, the media and event organisers. Upcoming events at which I can help the organisers, the media, and local travel, tourism and leisure operators include: