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Translation graduates wonder why they can’t find work

I recently got the following e-mail in my inbox. I have changed the name and e-mail address.

Hello, I’am Portuguese and I have a Degree in Translation French-Portuguese. I Have study Litterature Portuguese and French on University Nova of Lisbonn, If you neeed someone to colaborate with you on translation, keep mai mail contact if you nedd a_translation graduate@hotmail.com.


Marta Paolo

Portuguese (native)

I hear so many students finishing their course or recent graduates complaining that they don’t find any work, yet many seem to think it’s fine to send out e-mails like this. Does the girl who sent me this really expect me to outsource work to her? Granted she doesn’t list English as one of her working languages, but nobody is going to take someone seriously as a linguist if they send a message with that many mistakes. Most of them could have been avoided by using a spellchecker. It would have been better for her to have written in French or Portuguese.


Shortage of sports translators

It’s a shame I can’t translate from Chinese. According to this report, the organisers of the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing are struggling to find translators and interpreters who can work in this field. In a survey of 15,000 translators, less than 1.3 percent were found to be good at sports translations.

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