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Key changer for OpenSong using the Do, Re, Mi system

Update on 5 November 2013

The original file I uploaded didn’t work properly. Please use this updated file.

If you want to see how it works, open up this demonstration file in a text editor, then run the exe file and play with the shortcut keys. Remember to release shift-ctrl before pressing each shortcut.


Various tools for projecting song words allow users to add chords to be used by musicians. Such tools are often used by Evangelical churches to project the words of a song for the congregation. In OpenSong files, lines starting with a dot are ignored by the software when projecting the words on a screen but are shown in exports used by the musicians, so a typical section of an OpenSong file might read something like this:

.Do Fa La Fa
These are some words to a song, shoop shoop

OpenSong has a tool to enable the user to change key, but since the program was designed by people in an English-speaking country that uses the “C, D, E,…” system, it is not designed to work with chords written using the “Do, Re, Mi,…” system.

I have designed a tool that will convert chords written in the “Do, Re, Mi,…” system used in Spain, among other places. You can download it here.

It has been tested with OpenSong. If you have files in a different format (i.e. chord lines don’t start with a dot), let me know and I’ll try to adapt it for you.

For this to work you must be using the scale Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do. If you live in a country that uses a slight variation, let me know and I’ll try to adapt it.

To use the tool, run the exe file, read the shortcuts in the dialogue box, then place your cursor in the text file (download a demo file here) containing the words and chords and press the appropriate shortcut. You can use it in the song editor in OpenSong or by opening the song source files in a text editor.